Billy Whiz and his purple Ariel


I’ve been meaning to post this bike for the past week, but been side tracked with some other pressing matters. Billy Whiz from limey land dropped me a line with his home brewed Ariel thumper chopper. I love seeing well done chops done with non-typical engines. Cool scoot, I’ll let Billy tell you more about it:

I designed this bike from the ground up to my own specifications. I started with the idea to do a lean low chopper with a triumph twin in it but then I found the Ariel 350 engine and the ideas just flowed from there onwards! I put a triumph box in tho’ because you just have to have a bit of trummy spinning around in there somewhere. Many thanks to Harrison Billet for the kind help with the brakes and the machining too!!!


Bike: 2007 Plum Krazy by Billy Whiz

Frame: TIG welded from 360 grade mild steel by myself
Engine: Ariel NH350 “Red Hunter” single cyl OHV - 1958 vintage with new BT-H “loaf of bread” magneto
‘Box: Triumph rigid model 4 speed - circa 1950
Front End: One off spool hub, triumph ’50s teles, one off internals to lower 2″, 21″ chromed wheel, chromed spokes, gold plated nipples
Rear End: 19″ chromed wheel, Honda alloy hub chromed &modified to incorporate Exile style one off brake disc / sprocket, chromed spokes & gold plated nipples again
Oil bag: one off adapted from disposable Argon bottle
Pipe: Billy Whiz
Gas Tank: fabricated by Billy from 2mm mild steel, steel tubes form the “holes”
Seat: one off
Electrics: none
Rear Brake: Harrison Billet
Bits: one off tail light (non working), 1″ dia drag ‘bars, suicide clutch & hand shifter, forward controls by Billy Whiz
Paint: Iridescent purple under blue sparkle flake by owner
Plating: Terry at Protech Finishers Northampton

Got any questions about the bike: get in touch with Billy, he’d love to hear from you:


2 Responses to “Billy Whiz and his purple Ariel”

  1. Rhonda says:

    I think this Bike is great.. There is nothing i would change about it. I think if this Billy whiz guy would come over here with his bikes it would be great. I would love to buy one. This Bike is in all words KICK ASS.. Great color. everything about it is great.

  2. Melanie says:

    Omg that bike is awesome. I love the color. Purple is my favorite. The style of the bike is totally awesome.

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