Vintage Motorcycle Paintings

Horseman 1

One of the cool things about working on this site is coming into contact with folks I wouldn’t have otherwise met. This is especially exciting when its talented guys like Nik Coole. Nik dropped me a line after finding the site via the plug that Ryan at the Jockey Journal gave us. Along with his email he included a bunch of images of his illustration and paint work. Once I caught a glipse of his paintings I was 10 types of stoked. His paintings of classic motorcycle racers Victor Horsman and Tazio Nuvolari are phenomenal - they struck a chord with me through their emotion and depiction of an era, scene and purity that I have a deep rooted affection for. Nik also sent along some images of other kustom kulture pieces he’s done, as well as some examples of the paint work he’s done on a couple of bikes. Cool stuff all around, Nik has boat loads of talent and I can’t wait to see more work from him in the future.

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Nsu 3 1Nuvolari 1-1100 1924
100 0539.Jpg100 1922100 1925100 1923
100 1974100 1968Irezumi 10
Chopper 6 1Chopper 7 1Chopper 1 1
Marley Portrait 1 Marley Typeface 1Jimi 1Indian 1 1

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