Chop Shop Cycles Open House


My friend Zach up at Chop Shop Cycles in Milford NH is putting on an open house this Saturday and yours truly will be there MC’ing the event. I’ll be playing tunes, giving away shit and selling some knucklebuster swag, including the new t-shirt designs that haven’t made it to the webstore yet. Free food and drink, shop talk and good times. Come by and hang, bitchin’ time all around.

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  1. Honestjohn says:

    Got any old Norton trannys sittin around gatherin dust? How ’bout Triumph pre inot trannys? I’m puttin together a coupla HD45s I want to hok up limey gears to. Give me an e if you got em.

  2. grail21 says:

    I don’t have any, but check with the guys at Choppahead or Acme Choppers. If all else fails, check with Don Hutchinson in Wakefield MA. Links to their respective websites in the links section.

  3. Dr. Benway says:

    Hey, contact Dude at Gate City Cycles in Nashua, NH. He’s got a lot of stuff too…

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