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Patrick’s Modified Harley WL

Patrick from Belgium sent in this oh so sweet asphalt pounder, his 1948 Harley Davidson WL. The bike is tits - he nailed it with the attention to detail and over all look. Here’s some info from Patrick:
I could not buy(or find) a real WR at the time, so I modified my WL after WR […]

Massachusetts British Motorcycle Show

Sunday! Sunday!! SUNDAY!!!Ok kids, this Sunday at the Singletary Rod & Gun Club in Oxford MA the Mass BIA show is holding their annual Show & Swap. The weather is supposed to be killer (80 and sunny I’m hearing) so I’m expecting a good crowd and some killer bikes. I know quite a few Jockey […]

Motorcycle Engraving: Otto Carter

Figuratively speaking, engraved parts give me a boner. A chubber. A stiffy. Wood…or metal as it may be. Well now that I got all my morning dick references out of the way, lets just say this - when is comes to engraving motorcycle parts Otto Carter is the man. His scroll work is flat out […]

Online Bike Building Tool / Visualizer

Got some time to waste sitting in front of a computer? Check out this rad online bike builder website. Just click around on the various options and the site will draw up the bike of you’re dreams… or maybe something close. There is a limited amount of options, but they do cover a wide variety […]

Billy Whiz and his purple Ariel

I’ve been meaning to post this bike for the past week, but been side tracked with some other pressing matters. Billy Whiz from limey land dropped me a line with his home brewed Ariel thumper chopper. I love seeing well done chops done with non-typical engines. Cool scoot, I’ll let Billy tell you more about […]

Vintage Motorcycle Paintings

One of the cool things about working on this site is coming into contact with folks I wouldn’t have otherwise met. This is especially exciting when its talented guys like Nik Coole. Nik dropped me a line after finding the site via the plug that Ryan at the Jockey Journal gave us. Along with […]

Chop Shop Cycles Open House

My friend Zach up at Chop Shop Cycles in Milford NH is putting on an open house this Saturday and yours truly will be there MC’ing the event. I’ll be playing tunes, giving away shit and selling some knucklebuster swag, including the new t-shirt designs that haven’t made it to the webstore yet. Free food and […]