Build your own powdercoat oven


Need to get a bunch of powdercoating done but don’t feel like paying the bucks for it? Maybe you’ve got a bunch of projects going and being able to do all your own powdercoating would not only save you money, but also time. If an old kitchen oven is not going to be big enough to serve your needs, then you might want to entertain the thought of building your own powdercoat oven. Gary Brady has built a website with extensive instructions and plans on accomplishing such a feat and doing it in a way that won’t break the bank. The oven he builds is big enough to powdercoat a frame, so as far as motorcycles go, you would be covered in every situation. Be forewarned - while this is not rocket science or overly complex, it’s not plug and play either. It will require some thought, patience and hardwork, but I think the results would be worth it. One of these days when I have the room to put it somewhere, I would definitely build one of these myself.

Check out the info here:

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  1. Zack Sorenson says:

    RE: Powdercoat Oven Plans.
    the link is not working. I would love to build my own oven and would love to see your blueprint. Thanks

  2. Gordon Duke says:

    This link opens up the article…as you can see its in PDF file format

    happy reading :D

  3. Rafal Razowski says:

    PDF is not working, thanks.

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