Xian’s Evo Asphalt Shredder


Remember that bitchin’ seat I posted last week that Xian had whipped up? Well here it is on his personal ride that he just finished up.

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Well, it took a long time, so where do I begin. I decided to build this bike after My Mom passed away last Aug 20th. The same time I decided to go full time leatherworking. She lived her life to the beat of her own drum, as an artist, by her own rules. It showed me just how short life can really be, so everything I always wanted to do, but kept putting off, im doing now…. Her Initials are the ones on the fender, and the sparrows on the seat represent her ….

I have to start by thanking Scott, Dave, and Klaus at Murdercycles here in Mt Sinai Long Island. For putting up with the long nights, a million questions, letting me use the shop equipment, and most of all throwing me to the lions and letting me do it all myself, with guidance from them. I have learned a ton, and have a new found respect for all you guys that do it for a living… It is NOT easy. And since this was my frist frame up build…. it kicked my ass… Also. Thanks to Trent for setting the example and building the oil bag, Scrapmetalart for that kickin rear fender! Oilburner Mark and Shane for the killer job on the bars, Smileys chops for the Risers, John the Painter at Cycle Paint and Metal here on Long Island for the Sick Paint work and Gold leaf stripes, Rob from Nevadone for the Bitchin welding job he did, on a day that was at least 120 in the shop, and he pulled it off sweet!. Gary , Scotts machinest for the Brass pegs, George at Spartan for the teaching me over the phone how to use a torch “the right way” … and everyone esle that I may have forgotten for the advice and words of encouragment….. oh and that Scumbag Xian for the seat…

Bad ass bike by all accounts.

Hate029-1 Hate026

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