Ape Hangers: For the love of the misguided

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Dude. Seriously. Cut it out.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.
(credit: mad750 on the JJ)

3 Responses to “Ape Hangers: For the love of the misguided”

  1. tom k says:

    man , all i gotta say is DAMN!!! i saw a diffarent pic of this bike earlier on, and i thought it was a joke! just imagine tryin to turn them fuckers,… youd have to stand on the freakin seat! oh whell, i ain’t knockin it, but i wouldn’t wanna try it!

  2. grail21 says:

    to each their own I guess - I could say a lot about the looks of it, the inane oneupmanship it reeks of, the ride ability - but whatever, end of the day, I just don’t dig it.

  3. bILLY wHIZ says:

    Hell it’s not just the ‘bars, either dude - check those pipes!!!

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