Choppahead DVD VOL 2!

I got my grubby hands on the new Choppahead DVD this weekend. So what’s the deal? As if there was any question, it’s sick, grimey and pure - perfect. On top of it, it’s fucking long - there is a TON of footage, a mindblowing amount actually - I dug every minute of it - solid from beginning to end. The footage from Japan and the Mooneyes show is worth the cost of admission alone. Add to that all the home builder profiles, event coverage (tons of stuff from East & West Coast Smoke Outs) and general jackassery and you have one of the best underground motorcycle / kustom kulture DVDs out there - yeah, it’s definitely that good. It’s 3 hours long son, so get some brews, call your bro’s over and couch potato for a bit - then run out to the garage and start wrenchin’ cuz you’ll be inspired.

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