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Tons of Motorcycle Tech Articles/Pictorials

Jason Mcelroy’s website has a great motorcycle section full of tech tips, tutorials and pictures of work he’s done on his bikes. Everything from lower end rebuilds to gas tank restoration to wiring diagrams and a couple of cool stories thrown in as well. Good stuff, check it out here:
The image above is from […]

French Kiss Kustoms @ The SmokeOut

A small sampling of photos of the French Kiss Kustoms setup at the Smokeout this year.
The lime bike is still one of my absolute favorite bikes around, and it looks even better in person than the pics I had seen.

Nardi’s 1967 BSA Thunderbolt Chopper

More pics of Nardi’s BSA Thunderbolt Chopper. These will be the last of these I post on the site, as we’re going to be submitting the bike to a few mags and want to keep some of the pics specifically for them. As always, click the pics for bigger.

Modern Triumph Chopper by Choppahead

If you were at the Smokeout in North Carolina this year, you probably ogled this bike for a while - rightfully so. I did a quick photoshoot with the bike on Saturday - here’s a quick preview of what’s to come. Choppahead seems to have chopping these new Trumps down solid - sick.
Click pics for […]

Build your own powdercoat oven

Need to get a bunch of powdercoating done but don’t feel like paying the bucks for it? Maybe you’ve got a bunch of projects going and being able to do all your own powdercoating would not only save you money, but also time. If an old kitchen oven is not going to be big enough […]

Chopped Low Slung Sportster

I don’t know much about this bike - Cole Jabusch sent it in a long time ago - I just stumbled on it in my saved mail.
If you’re the owner, drop me a line and let me know more about it. Nice lines, great looking scoot.

Xian’s Evo Asphalt Shredder

Remember that bitchin’ seat I posted last week that Xian had whipped up? Well here it is on his personal ride that he just finished up.
Click on read more for additional pics and info.

Well, it took a long time, so where do I begin. I decided to build this bike after My Mom passed away […]

BSA Chopper

Another one for Chris.

Now Chris is gonna start buggin’ me

For Nardi. More to come at some point.Click it up for bigger.

Smoke Out West Chop Off

An early preview of one of this years Smoke Out West chop-off bikes. Can’t wait to see this one finished.

Motorcycles and chicks - like PB&J

Pretty girl on a bitchin’ bike. I’m a sucker everytime.
Yeah, I know this is a Biltwell promo shot, but its a damn fine image - plus Biltwell makes rad parts and are good dudes all around.
Photo by Billdozer

Bedrock Weekend 2007

The helmet hair blog has some great photos of some classic HD’s up on their site. The flatty above is one of my fav’s.
Check out the photos here:
Photo credit: Jesper Bram |

AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building

Mark “Duckman” over at has posted a bunch of pics of the winning bikes from the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building on his site. The bike above was built by Cook Customs, who many of you might know from the Horse, or by the crazy Norton they built for last year’s Horse […]

French Kiss Kustoms does it again

I’ve been giving the French Kiss Kustoms guys props from the moment I first saw their work. Suffice to say, they still deserve those props with the latest set of tins they’ve turned out. I had a chance to meet Bob and Brian down at the Smoke Out this year and check out their work […]

Pete’s Shovelhead

Pete sent me some pics of his shovehead. I dig it.
2 more pics after the jump.

Real Deal Panhead

Real deal classic Panhead from an issue of Cycle World circa August 1963.
(credit: epinut on the JJ)

Ape Hangers: For the love of the misguided

Dude. Seriously. Cut it out.
Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.(credit: mad750 on the JJ)

Xian continues to impress

What else can you say besides “fuck that rules”
Every piece I’ve ever seen Christian from Xian Leather do rocks it hard. nuff said.

Check out his site:

Choppahead DVD VOL 2!

I got my grubby hands on the new Choppahead DVD this weekend. So what’s the deal? As if there was any question, it’s sick, grimey and pure - perfect. On top of it, it’s fucking long - there is a TON of footage, a mindblowing amount actually - I dug every minute of it - […]

Suzuki Savage Chopper - NEW KNUCKLEBUSTER VIDEO!

Dig into it.
Thanks to Dave, aka Tigman at