My apologies for the lack of posts lately, things have been unusually hectic the last few weeks. Here’s a quick run down and update…

1) The Greasebag Jamboree show went great. Weather was awesome, great group of folks showed up, fun times had by all. Look for this to get bigger and better as we continue to put it on every year.

2) Chris and I hit the Smoke Out in Salisbury, NC last weekend. Aside from the insane amount of driving to and from, it was a great time. I took tons of pictures, saw a bunch of cool bikes and most importantly met a lot of you guys that I’ve been talking to on this nerd box. I’m hoping to post up all those pictures on the site soon.

3) I’m getting married next weekend - yup getting hitched finally. That’s been one of the big things that has been keeping me busy with planning and preparation.

So aside from some random posts I might be able to do while I’m away on vacation after the wedding (while the wife is getting ready) this site will be hibernating till late July. But once I get back, look for a lot of new things to appear on the site, including 2 new t-shirt designs in the webstore, tons more pictures, new videos, tutorials, the forum will go back up and who knows what else.

That’s the quick run down of things going on over here at Knucklebuster HQ… oh and Chris and I have a new build underway… wait till you see this cool little Trump we’re going to put out there.

Good times all around, be safe - see you on the flipside in August.

- Grail

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