Suzuki Savage Progress!!


More pics and info to come, I’m just too tired right now – but too excited not to post something. I spent the day down with Dave aka Tanks By Tigman ( and he fabricated and welded up the hardtail for my ‘87 Suzuki Savage Chopper Project.  Here is a loose mock up. Not sure if I’m keeping that particular oil tank (to hide electronics) – I’m leaning towards replacing it.

We video taped the whole process and it will be going up on my site in a couple weeks. I’ll post a bunch more pictures soon, along with some more build info.  I’m super psyched about this project, I couldn’t be happier with how the frame turned out – Dave did an absolutely AMAZING job. If you need some welding work done, make sure to get in touch with him –

P.S. You can click on the pic above for a bigger view.

6 Responses to “Suzuki Savage Progress!!”

  1. mark says:

    i have a savage and was thinking about doing some customizing. would love to see some more pics and maybe the end result. looks killer!


  2. grail21 says:

    Been a while since I’ve been out to the shed to work on the old girl, but thankfully my schedule has started to clear up and on Sunday I’ll be able to get back out there and start finishing the job. I’ll probably have new pics next week.

  3. Mike says:

    So the Z-1000 in the back, I hope you are a member of ?

  4. grail21 says:

    The z is not mine - belonged to my friend Chris, but was sold about a year ago.

  5. jry says:

    hi i love savage, but i havent got one yet tell me about it
    is relyble

  6. rachet says:

    how did you do the chain conversion?

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