Vinny’s 1967 Shovelhead


Check out this sick Shovel that Vinny sent in. Shit is the business. Absolutely love the paint and the ribbed gas tank has me droolin’.
Check out more pics and what Vinny has to say about his bitchin’ asphalt shredder by clicking on the read more.

About my build, I wanted to turn my shovel chopper back to the time when I was a kid back in the sixties & seventies when flake was well a truly in and high tech was well a truly fucking out!!!

Motor is a shovelhead generator 67 which has been fucked around with since the day it left the factory by god knows how many grease monkeys drinking beer and reading the workshop manual without a fucking clue to why, or what they were doing! Needless to say I have renovated it from top to bottom over several years and yes it still fucking drips oil like an old man pissing , but man it’s a fucking joy to ride and she fires first or second kick, the paint job is black flake on the straight legged frame and the fender & tank is a sort of copper orange apple mesh which looks fucking shit hot if I say so myself. Backend is a 170 tire and the front end is 21 set on some early softail springers topped off with some nice Dogbones and dragbars with internal gas. Pegs are from outlaw and look the business, black so they do not stick out like some fucking hard on. Oil tank is from motoxcycle Canada, wicked in just aluminum. Seat is a west eagle affair, did have my old Bates on it but the leather just fell to fucking pieces so its being recovered, although I am beginning to like the low profile look of the eagle seat. The carb is the SU eliminator by Rivera , bates lamp front, back is a duo-lamp, pipes are upsweeps with cooler tubes, oil pressure is Mooneyes, gas filter from the sixties and kicker from that fucking master Kevin (FABRICATOR) .

All the mechanical work , electrical work and welding I have done , paint is by Kent. Inspiration: my childhood and to get back to my roots and as far away from the fucking weat coast fucking chopper scene as possible.

Dscn7676 Dscn7673 Dscn7675 Dscn7677

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  1. Louis says:

    Building a bobber too. Needing assistance with diagrams for front end and rear end and wiring. Could you help me out.

  2. Eric says:

    I have a 67 Shovelhead ,,, doesnt look anything like that !!!!!

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