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New Knucklebuster Video!

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More from the BSA Chopper build. This time around we’re grinding and welding up the frame before it gets ready for paint prep. Click on the video link above to see more Knucklebuster videos.

John’s Knuckle Project

It’s not done yet, but one look at John Krena’s Knuckle project and its easy to see it’s going to be one bitchin’ scoot.
More info and pics from John after the jump.

“The Blue Dream”….84″ FHP knuckle, Mallory electronic ign., Indian 5 speed w/rocker clutch and hand banger, Paughco stock ‘48 style wishbone, 2″ under Jammer […]

Rockers vs. Mods Rally Dallas Texas

Cool lil video from the Rockers vs. Mods Rally in Dallas, Texas. Lots of cool bikes to be seen.

The Nimbus Motorcycle

I was going through my inbox and came across a couple of submissions that I had neglected to post from way back. Nick aka NEX sent these pics and links of some vintage scoots to me a while back. 
These Nimbus scoots  are bitchin’ (made by the Danes – more info here: ) Nick’s […]