How To Powder Coat

Check out this article/how-to that Tim (aka TurboRoadster) has put together about  powdercoating. Ever wondered what the process was like  and how involved it is? Well Tim breaks it down for you with tons of pics and details as he cleans, preps and powdercoats an old 1966 BSA gas tank. A great write up and a real eye opener in terms of the amount of work actually goes into pulling off a quality powdercoat job.  If you’re looking to get some powdercoating done, do not hesitate to get in touch with Tim at: 832-818-3905 or Let him know you saw this article on knucklebuster. I’ll let Tim take over from here This is a step by step pictorial of what happens when someone hands me an item to be powdercoated. Maybe this will help explain or justify pricing to some folks. It’s also just neat to see the steps taken and how it’s done.

So, buckle up and hang on, here we go.

The item is a 1966 BSA tank and it belongs to modern day James Dean. he wanted a satin black tank body with some “mad flake” in the badge centers.
We opted to use a Satin black from Eastwood and a “Silver Flake” from Caswells

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The first step was trip to the blasting booth, this tank has sat
for 20+ years on a shelf and had a li beral amount of light surface rust.

Tankscrub1 Tankwetscrub

Then we wet scrub the tank with green scotch brite pads

Tankphosphatewash Tankphosphatewash1 Tankphosphatewash2

Then we do a phosphate scrub so we can get all of the rust neutralized.


Then we low temp bake the phosphate to make sure it gets totally dry.


Then we scrub the phosphate with a worn out green scrubby
and basically am flattening the surface out, but dont want to
remove the coating or protection form the tank at this point.

Tankbadgeprep Tankbadgeprep1 Tankbadgeprep2

Then we prep the tank for the first color, the silver flaked badges.


Then we do the powder application


Then ever so carefully so as to not disturb the powder, take
off all of the masking tape and paper and its ready for a trip
to the oven.


This pass will be a full cure bake.

Tankbadgetapeover Tankbadgetapeover1

Next step when cured is to remove from oven, let cool and get ready to
tape over the silver flake, it has to be perfect so the black goes exactly to
the edge of the silver.

Tankblack Tankblack1

When that’s done, whew, then we get to do the tank in the black satin.

Tankblackflowout Tankblackbadgepeel

Once the black is done, the tank goes for another trip to the hot box, this
time will be a partial bake, only to get the “flow out” of the powder started to
“lock” the powder in place. When the flow out begins, yank from oven and
hang and let cool enough to again, carefully remove the masking tape off
of the badges.


Then, its back to the oven for a full bake and final flow-out and cure.


Here you see the fender hanging done to match, it also went
through all the same steps.

Tankfinished Tankfinished1

Here is the finished tank, this tank had some old school lead repairs and
such; the owner/client requested to leave the surface, lead imperfections etc..
as it was, for a more of a natural real world old tank look.

I am more than sure he is going to be stoked when he sees it.
I am pleased with the end result.

Need some powder coating done?
Call Tim and tell him you saw his article on the knucklebuster website.

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