Bare Bones Sportster Rigid Chopper


Charlie Dey from New Jersey checks in with his bare bones Sporty in a Paugcho ridgid. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing like a simple, stripped down and clean chop. I love bikes that get a little more wild as much as the next guy, but bikes like this are straight up bitchin’, look great, and are instant classics. Kudos to Charlie on creating a sick looking scoot on his very first attempt at building a bike.

More pics and info from Charlie by clicking on the read more link.

The bike was my first build, with help from some good friends.  It is as simple as it can get, but very fun to ride.  Late model sporty, I took out of a 1 year old bike I bought new.  I couldn’t stand riding a bike that looked like all the others.  Paughco ridged, factory stretch and rake.  Hugger front end w/ 19″ wheel up front.

Charliedey_002 Charliedey_001 Charliedey_004

5 Responses to “Bare Bones Sportster Rigid Chopper”

  1. Wally says:

    Very nice sporty… i want one!
    The links dont work to enlarge the bike.
    Here are the correct links:

    (the extensions should be in upper case)

  2. grail21 says:

    Thanks for the heads up Wally, should work now

  3. fonzy says:


  4. richard Ford says:

    Great chop. I have an evo that i have been wanting to chop , and this is what I had in mind. Could you list the fender and other items used so I can start to put it together. Thanks R.Ford Shenandoah Junction, WVa

  5. BJ says:

    Please contact me on exactly what frame and rear fender you used for this project…and any other useful info..I have a 91 sporty Id love to do this to..I like the way you used the belt and didnt go to chain..thanks…

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