Cheating Death: Chopper Style


Scott (halseth on the JJ) checks in with pics of his lean and mean shovel. How tough does that front end look? I effin’ dig it. The idea to build this bike came about when Scott was in the hospital fighting cancer, so it’s existence not only stands as a great accomplishment in mechanics & design, but also to the greater story of putting the beat down on the silent killer. Kudos to Scott for a great bike and we’re glad to hear that he’s doing better these days. Here’s looking forward to 2008 when we’ll be seeing this scoot get a paint job.

More info from Scott below, as well as a couple more pics.

I started this bike as I was finishing up 6 months of chemo. (nasty case of cancer, long story)

I didn’t have a bike for about 15 years and decided to build one while in the hospital. I had about 50% of a motor from a roached engine that was in my last bike. Starting from there, I pieced this thing together from swap meets, E-gay, and Jockey Journal.

Kraftech frame 30d zero stretch
Used -2 Paughco Springer
74″ shovel - andrews B with solid lifters
Delorto PHM 40MM carb
Revtech 5 speed
Scrapmetalart fender
16″ wheels - 130 front, 200 rear
Homemade exhaust, bars, seat mounts, bitchbar, pulley guard, ect, ect
I had my heart set on only 2 new items - primo belt drive and the FRC brakes.

The bike was a gift to myself for cheating death. Around the same time, Chopperdave came out with his cheat death pegs. Like icing on the frigging cake. :)

Right now I am classified as in “remission”. If I can make it to winter of 2008, then I am probably cured of the cancer. Only then the bike gets some paint.

Scott_h_001 Scott_h_003

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