Triumph 650 Chopper: Simple and Clean


Lloyd sent in some pics of his 650 Triumph chop, which is pretty bitchin’ if you ask me. Simple and clean with some nice subtle touches. Hard to beat a back to basic chopper like this. More info from Lloyd about the build as well as a bunch more pics by clicking on the read more link below.

Here are a few pictures of my bike. It’s 650 Triumph with a big bore 750 kit on it. It took me about two years to complete. The frame was made by WillyJ. The dimensions are five inch stretch in the back with 30 degree rake. I shaved the sportster forks with a dremel and a grinder. That very same dremel helped me polish the block. It took me forever to get that thing shiny. I did all of the polishing myself. I laced,welded,mounted,shaved, and what ever else myself. The engine was rebuilt by a friend named Gilly. I would like to thank Wes Scott,Red Racing, ShotGun Cycles,Fab Kevin, Solutions Machining, and anyone else that I may have forgotten.

 Lloyd_002 Lloyd_004 Lloyd_005 Lloyd_006

3 Responses to “Triumph 650 Chopper: Simple and Clean”

  1. Lincoln. says:

    Your scoot looks very well thought out. I like to see more triumphs like your out there. I just finished my 66 and I am working out the last of the bugs. I had to notch my oil bag cause the chain was rubbing, can tell if yours does but it was the best fix. After seeing your bike I think I might post mine. Good looking ride!

  2. HotRodTom says:

    I don’t have to tell ya’ that yer bike looks good, cause you should already know! Nice ride, brother. Clean and simple is the best way to do these ol’ rides. Good job on the legs, too!

  3. triumphstreet says:

    hey just wondering what the front fork is on the bike?

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