American Iron in Japan


A lot of really interesting touches on this knuckle from the land of the rising son. It’s wild without being over done, tough looking bit with a real touch of style. I really dig how the curves of the handle bars work with the rest of the lines of the bike, but also set it off. I love the look of the shorty front end, especially since it looks like it’s ridden hard and has some history to it. Another really subtle touch is how the rear fender works with the rest of the bike - perfect size/length - it’s subtle but aesthetically perfect. The tank placement is kind of interesting, I would have been inclined to put it closer to the trees… a little weird that far back, but I don’t mind it that much to be honest. I can’t really tell, but there looks like the tank has been mounted in a unique way - wish I had a close up of that.

Pic from sparetime japan. © Sparetime

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