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BritTown Teaser

Scott and Zach, the filmmakers behind both Choppertown flicks are at it again, and it looks like they’re poised to hit another one out of the park. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of both Choppertown DVDs (which is why I carry them in the webstore), so I’m super excited for their new […]

Site Status / Update

My apologies for the lack of consistent updates over the past 2 weeks, I’ve had some time-critical life stuff that I had to take care of, and that’s kept me from working on the site as much as I want. Thankfully I can see the light at the end of the tunnel which means regular […]

Lime gold runs through my veins…

Here’s another build via John Krena. I think I might steal his color selection for an upcoming build - I absolutely love that lime gold.
Info from John - My limegold Evo:  88″ S&S stroker in STD cases, all S&S top end, closed primary w/ BDL eliminator set-up inside, 15×8 stainless rear rim w/ 205/50/15 Pirelli […]

How To Powder Coat

Check out this article/how-to that Tim (aka TurboRoadster) has put together about  powdercoating. Ever wondered what the process was like  and how involved it is? Well Tim breaks it down for you with tons of pics and details as he cleans, preps and powdercoats an old 1966 BSA gas tank. A great write up and […]

Bare Bones Sportster Rigid Chopper

Charlie Dey from New Jersey checks in with his bare bones Sporty in a Paugcho ridgid. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing like a simple, stripped down and clean chop. I love bikes that get a little more wild as much as the next guy, but bikes like this […]

Dice Magazine Commercial

The guys at Dice Magazine are a bunch of weird limey bastards – but we love them anyway. I suppose you could say that about most of our friends – minus the limey part.Check out their “commercial” above, it’s worth a good laugh.

Cheating Death: Chopper Style

Scott (halseth on the JJ) checks in with pics of his lean and mean shovel. How tough does that front end look? I effin’ dig it. The idea to build this bike came about when Scott was in the hospital fighting cancer, so it’s existence not only stands as a great accomplishment in mechanics & […]

Candy Red HD Chop

John Krena builds some rippin’ scoots, and by the number of submissions he sent me last week, he’s been damn busy.  Here’s the first of many to come – a sugary sweet candy red 80” evo chop.
Quick build run down from John:

My red evo….stock 80″ crate HD Evo, HD 5 spd., compu-fire ignition and Super […]

Cafe Racer: The Movie

A quick video of a bloke wrenching on a few Cafe Racers. You can hate the soundtrack as much as you might want to, but really, you love it. Watch it get stuck in your head for a week.

Triumph 650 Chopper: Simple and Clean

Lloyd sent in some pics of his 650 Triumph chop, which is pretty bitchin’ if you ask me. Simple and clean with some nice subtle touches. Hard to beat a back to basic chopper like this. More info from Lloyd about the build as well as a bunch more pics by clicking on the read […]

American Iron in Japan

A lot of really interesting touches on this knuckle from the land of the rising son. It’s wild without being over done, tough looking bit with a real touch of style. I really dig how the curves of the handle bars work with the rest of the lines of the bike, but also set it […]

1984 HD Sportster Chop

Luke Bruheim out of Appleton, Wisconsin sent in some pics of his ‘84 Ironhead Sporty. Clean, simple and nicely done all around – I dig it.
Click pics for bigger   

Skratch’s Garage

It’s no secret that Knucklebuster has much love for the art of pin striping. I just came across the website for Skratch’s Garage out of Sunvalley, CA which has a ton of great work on it. However, the thing that I really like about the site was the opening video on the main page, a […]

Spice MC Japan

Spice MC is a shop out of Tokyo Japan that builds some killer chops. Lots of cool American iron done up Japanese style. Check out their site and click on the works section to see a ton of their work.
Spice MC Website:
To see a few more pics click on the read more link […]

Billdozers EDR Trump

Billdozer’s new bike is raw, tough and absolutely gorgeous all at the same time. The contrast between the rusted bare metal and the squeaky clean motor is stunning and compelling; I keep coming back to these photos and really soaking in the soul of the bike. Throw in the great stance, amen style frame, pipes, […]

New Choppahead Bike

Here’s a few more pics I took at the Choppahead Booth at the Boston Motorcycle Expo. Dig into this sweet olive green trump and check out a bunch of detail pics by clicking on the read more link below


Another BSA Project Bike For Sale

Here’s another BSA project we have up for sale on Ebay. Great project bike, I actually think this is a better project than the last on we sold.
Check out the ebay listing here: 1968 BSA for Sale.
1968 BSA Lightning project bike
Needs complete restoration.  Loosly mocked up for pictures. 

Engine turns freely. 

Correct twin carb head, […]

Vintage Scoots on Ebay

Check out these two classic rides that went on ebay not too long ago.The one up top is a is a 1913 Indian that hit $35KThe other is a 1913 Pope that hit $22.5K
Neither bike sold as they didn’t hit the reserve, so if you got a bunch of scratch hidden under your mattress, maybe […]

Replacing your turn signals with LEDs How-To

Jalopnik has a great little article / hot-to on replacing your stock turn signals with LEDs. Fact is, the majority of stock turn signals are down right ugly. When you talking about a bike from the 70’s or 80’s - they’re even worse. Switching out your lights to newer and smaller signals - while not […]

Brough Superior Rally Video

A compilation of videos taken at the Brough Superior Club Rallys in Wimpole Hall (England) during the 1990s.  I wish the video quality of this was a bit better, but still a cool flick to catch a glimpse of some vintage scoots.