Acme Choppers: The Flying Limey


Acme Chopper’s Flying Limey was my absolute favorite bike at the New England Motorcycle Expo this year. Low slung, tough stance, looks fast standing and pure tits all around. Chris and I are definitely taking a bit of inspiration from this for the low slung XS650 we’re going be building in the future. Check out all the pics by clicking on the read more link.

Acme_02_001 Acme_02_002 Acme_02_003 Acme_02_004
Acme_02_005 Acme_02_006 Acme_02_007 Acme_02_008 Acme_02_010

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  1. jerry says:

    we just sold this bike where i work…the owner bought it at the smoke out in salsbury nc

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