Joey’s EDR Scoot


Joey (Old Sage from the JJ) checks in with progress pics of his bitchin’ El Diablo Run scoot. This is one tough looking bike, but definitely built with function in mind – check out the knapsack rack above the headlight, that’s definitely going to come in handy on the EDR run. Lots of really nice touches: sissy bar, shorty pips, fork gators… dig the handlebars too. But enough of me blabbing, to read more about the bike straight from Joey, and see more pics, click the read more link.

The bike is based on a Kraft Tech frame 11/4″ tube, 180/200 tire frame, 34 degree 2″ downtube stretch, Kraft Tech prototype gas tank with their new proprietary grommet mounting system, Kraft Tech horseshoe oil tank, Kraft Tech 9″ rear fender narrowed to 8.5″, chopped up Kraft Tech sissy bar, Kraft tech handlebars w/ about 6″ cut out of the risers, Roadmax tranny w/ one of my tranny vents, Rev Tech 88ci motor, New Rev Tech 3″ primary by BDL, one of my stainless steel belt guards manufactured by Grandeur Cycles and sold by CCI and MC Advantages, V-Twin police hand shifter, Samson Big Guns (swap meet) to be wrapped with a new wrapping technique, my cool little luggage rack, V-Rod headlight (swap meet) with fabbed mount, fabbed fork brace coming, fabbed air cleaner coming (think early ham can sportster/superglide only much smaller), Ultima solo seat w/ mountain bike shock (swap meet w/ spring from Exile coming). 180 x 18 and 21 x 3.00 metzlers, chain drive, GMA brakes and master cyls., stock length HD Softail wide glide, Jammer left side saddle bag, old style cloth covered wiring (exposed of course) Built for packing and ridin’.

There’s probably a few things I’m missing.
I’ll keep you updated with pics as we finish the fab work and do final assy.
This is to be my LA Urban Assault Vehicle making daily sales calls to my customers and joins my ‘94 FXRP and ‘96 Buell S-2 w nos in the stable.

Joey_EDR_003 Joey_EDR_004 Joey_EDR_001 
Joey_EDR_005 Joey_EDR_006 Joey_EDR_007

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