VentureOne 3 Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle

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When talking about old versus new, it’s pretty obvious that old rules the roost on this site. However, that doesn’t mean that mean that I don’t have a deep appreciation for new technology (and in fact am a bit of a gadget/computer geek myself). That’s why this fandangled new vehicle caught my eye. Obviously its not a motorcycle, and not really a trike in the traditional sense either, but it’s damn cool and the fact that when released will cost under 20k means it’s not some high priced rich boy toy. So what exactly is it? Well, that’s a bit hard to explain - it drives like a car, tilts like a bike, has three wheels - and get this, you can get it in either hybrid drive or all electric drive. Oh great, so it must do about 45mph and be shite for highway driving. Well, not according to Venture Vehicles - the company who’s releasing this Tron Cycle inspired mini go machine. True, you won’t be breaking any speed records, but it does do 100mph, and if that doesn’t satiate you, console yourself with that fact that you’ll be getting a whopping 100 mile per gallon (in the hybrid of course).

While the VentureOne is still a prototype, it’s based on the original Carver vehicle, which has actually seen road time and does work as advertised. Obviously this is new technology and unproven by real world standards, but as far as new technology goes, it’s damn cool. Looks like it would be a great commuter vehicle (although I would be curious how it really holds up in extreme weather conditions like snow) and a huge money saver when it comes to the gas pump. I hope that this actually comes to market and isn’t some pipe dream concept vehicle that fades away.

Check out the website for a ton more info, including overviews of how it all works and a bunch of videos of the original Carver in action.


2 Responses to “VentureOne 3 Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle”

  1. Tyler says:

    Nice and cheap to drive, my only concern would be hit by some asshole in a Hummer

  2. e_tiffany says:

    The VentureOne doesn’t simply have a roll-bar… flimsy or not. It has a complete roll-cage….like a racing car. WHILE it won’t be required, as a “motorcycle,” to undergo Federally mandated crash testing, the VentureOne developer-peeps are making an effort to exceed the Federal crash-test specifications for cars. So in a wreck between a VentureOne and your car, whatever it may be, I know which vehicle I would far rather be in. No question.

    Oh… it has air-bags too. How about that? What other motorcycle has air-bags? Huh?

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