Boston Motorcycle Show Feature #3: Choppahead Bike 1


Check out this new scoot done up by our friends at Choppahead. Absolutely one of my favorite rides that they’ve done. Check out all the pics by click on the read more link.

Ch-b1-001 Choppahead Choppahead Choppahead Choppahead
Ch-b1-007 Choppahead Ch-b1-009

3 Responses to “Boston Motorcycle Show Feature #3: Choppahead Bike 1”

  1. Tyler says:

    fuck yeah, Truth and the crew at Choppahead make some fine looking brit bikes

  2. Soulfur says:

    I won’t lie. I liked the green and cream trumpet better, though I really don’t mean that as a slight. This was one of my favorites booths and one of the most consistent aesthetically at the Boston show

  3. Soulfur says:


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