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Triumph TR5 Restoration Video

A very well done video by amateur motorcycle restorer Georg Patrick as he rebuilds and restores a vintage Triumph TR5 Trials Trophy. Part 1 of a series, I look forward to seeing more of it.

Battle of the Brits 2006

I talked about the garagebuilt website a few days ago, but in case you missed this, check out the battle of the brits gallery they have up. Not a ton of pics up but what’s there is good.
Battle of the Brits Photo Gallery:

Vicious Cycles Biker Movie

I’m not sure what the story behind this “Biker” movie is… but it’s effin’ hilarious.

Acme Choppers: The Flying Limey

Acme Chopper’s Flying Limey was my absolute favorite bike at the New England Motorcycle Expo this year. Low slung, tough stance, looks fast standing and pure tits all around. Chris and I are definitely taking a bit of inspiration from this for the low slung XS650 we’re going be building in the future. Check out […]

BSA Auction Ending Soon

Just a reminder that the auction for the BSA project bike Chris and I have for sale on eBay is ending soon. If you’re looking for a project bike to restore, chop or cafe – check it out, might be perfect for you.
Here’s the previously posted info:
Chris and I have one of our project bikes […]

Joey’s EDR Scoot

Joey (Old Sage from the JJ) checks in with progress pics of his bitchin’ El Diablo Run scoot. This is one tough looking bike, but definitely built with function in mind – check out the knapsack rack above the headlight, that’s definitely going to come in handy on the EDR run. Lots of really nice […]

How To: Lace and True Spoked Wheels

Here’s a pretty decent article on how to lace and true spoked wheels on I’ve never had to do this myself so I can’t really vouch for all the info, but it looks to be in order.
Check it out:

I want Your Skull

Like Skulls? Oh come on, who doesn’t. Motorcycles and skulls are like peanut butter and jelly. Delicious. Well if want to check out somerippin’ cranium inspired artwork  check out the blog “I want Your Skull” at Damn that’s a cool website name.Tons of painting, designs, toys and more; all of the skeletal variety; and […]

Devil’s Angels Classic Biker Movie

Shooty has compiled a collection of youtube videos that puts together the entire cult classic biker movie Devil’s Angels. Be warned though, once you start watching, you’re gonna want to sit back and enjoy it all. Awesome. 
Watch it all here:

Billz Mize Designs

Simply said, Bill Mize builds some sick fucking choppers. I really dig the green chopper he built… actually I really dig all the choppers he’s built. Can’t wait to see more from him in the future.
Check out his website at:
More pics of his bikes by clicking on the read more link below. (All […]

New Max Schaaf Build

Check out the bitchin’ ride Max Schaaf just built for Scott Pommier. This bike is absolutely beautiful -  a work of art if you will. From the paint to the pipes to the stance - just stunning. Congrats to both those guys for a job well done. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a full fledged […]

Vintage Pics

Our love for old motorcycles knows no bounds here, and our friend Sean knows that so he sent in a bunch of pics of vintage scoots. Many thanks to Sean for sending these in, check them all out by clicking on the read more link below.


BSA For Sale

Chris and I have one of our project bikes up for sale on ebay right now. It’s a 1966 BSA Lighting that’s almost complete and has matching numbers. Make no mistake, this is a project – but it’s the perfect candidate for a resto, chopper or cafe racer. Check out the ebay auction here: 1966 […]

VentureOne 3 Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle

When talking about old versus new, it’s pretty obvious that old rules the roost on this site. However, that doesn’t mean that mean that I don’t have a deep appreciation for new technology (and in fact am a bit of a gadget/computer geek myself). That’s why this fandangled new vehicle caught my eye. Obviously its […]

Garage Built Motorcycles

I’m digging the website the guys over at have put together. While the design might not be slick and the audio on every page can be a little annoying, content is king and they have a ton of it. Lots of great pics of scoots they put together (including shots of the actual build […]

Keino from Indian Larry Legacy

Not sure how old this article is, but Bandit over on put together a great piece about Keino from Indian Larry Legacy and his sick green shovel.
Go check it out here: Biker Net Keino Article

Boston Motorcycle Show Feature #3: Choppahead Bike 1

Check out this new scoot done up by our friends at Choppahead. Absolutely one of my favorite rides that they’ve done. Check out all the pics by click on the read more link.


Xian Leather Website

Leathersmith extraordinaire Christian of Xian Leather has updated his website with a whole new design and a bunch of new work. If you follow this site, you know I’m a big fan - go check it out and be awed.

Boston Motorcycle Show P2: Acme Choppers

Some more pics from the Boston Motorcycle show, this time one of the sick choppers coming out of Acme Choppers from New Hampshire. I got a bunch more photos of their rides coming up so stay tuned. Tons of pics after the jump.


Choppers Rule Smoke Out 2006 Pics

The website Choppers Rule has posted a great gallery of pics from last years Smoke Out. Go check ‘em out and get psyched for this year’s.– we’ll see you there.
Click Here: Smoke Out Picture Gallery