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How To: Splitting Ironhead Sportster Rockers

Here is the second “How To” provided by Joe over at CrimeScene - this one is all about splitting the rockers on your Ironhead Sportster. I absolutely LOVE this look - really makes the Ironhead engine a looker. If I had one of these Sportsters, it would be at the top of my lists of […]

New Photo Gallery: Easy Rider Motorcycle Show 2007

If you haven’t checked out the photo gallery recently, click on over and peep the new photos I added last night from the 2007 Easy Rider Motorcycle show in Pomona California. Many thanks to Chris at Biltwell for sending the pics in.
To directly go to the gallery, click here: Easy Rider 2007 Motorcycle Show
Also […]

How To: Shaving Fork Legs

Joe from CrimeScene Choppers has written two killer How To’s that he’s given me permission to post here and share with all you greasers. First off, if you don’t know of Joe or CrimeScene, go check out his site ( Not only does he make some sick parts, but he also sells kit and other […]

Xian Leather

I am of the firm belief that Christian of Xian Leather is one of the most accomplished, creative and down right kick ass leather artists in the world. There are a lot of great artist out there doing great leather work, I’ve featured many of my favorites on this site and absolutely love the work […]

It’s the small details

Mark (aka Duckman) over at has posted a couple of great updates (as usual) to his site, but I wanted to point one out in particular. Mark has been turning his BMW bobber CAD bike into reality, and it’s looking great so far. The level of detail in his updates is astounding. In his […]

Classic Pin-Up Artwork

How about a little Thursday art to change things up? I stumbled on this site called imagenetion awhile back and knowing that many of you guys are probably fans of old school pin-up’s it’s only fair that I share. There is something so inherently alluring about classic pin-up art. Yes it’s beautiful, sexy and timeless, but the […]

Florida Bike Events Picture Gallery

One of our board members (who goes by the name of 1970pelle) has a great photo gallery over on photobucket. Tons of pics that he’s taken at motorcycle events in Florida. Lots of great scoots to browse through, so make sure to go check it out and get inspired. I’ve posted a couple of my […]

More Old Time Motorcycles

Chris sent me this link to a great post over on Tim, the owner of the site, took a bunch of pics on a visit he made to the Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum in Solvang, CA and wrote a great write up to go along with it. I’ve included a couple that really caught […]

Classic Harley’s

I got a couple of great books for Christmas and one of them has a lot of great pics of old Harleys. Here are some that I scanned from the book and then worked some photoshop magic on.

2007 Kicks Off

While the holidays were fantastic and a good time all around, it’s nice to be back home and back to the regularly scheduled program. I did very little work while I was away, which was a nice and welcome change, but I’m definitely ready and amped to get back into the swing of things, finish […]