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Little Peppy’s Vintage Motorcycle Racing Album

I came across this site called “Little Peppy’s Racing Album” which is full phenomenal old motorcycle racing pics. The pics are just awesome – I’ve seriously spent a couple hours looking through all of them. Call it nostalgia for an era before my time or call it fanboy drooling – I don’t really care, I […]

David Mann 2006

Some more pics from Billdozers flickr albums, this time from the 2006 David Mann show. Once again, Bill delivers some great pics of bitchin’ motorcycles.Check out the whole set here: David Mann Show 2006

Club Chopper Chopper of the Year

Congrats to House of Pain over on the Club Chopper board for winning their 2006 Chopper of the Year contest. Great looking scoot with lots of attention to detail. Absolutely love the tank and the paint + gold leaf looks awesome. Couple of sample shots below, but many more pics  and info on the Club […]

Mike’s Low Cost CB450 Chopper

Like many of you, I really appreciate simple, well done choppers built on a small budget. Mike Mundahl (aka Uncle Buck) checked in with me this week with a scoot that fits right into that category. This sweet lil CB450 was built for a measly $500 - including the donor bike! Complete with a ‘65 […]

Johnny Chop Sturgis Video

This is a great video of the late Johnny Chop in Sturgis. Lots of interview footage with Johnny – talking shop, where he came from, what choppers are about to him – plus a ton of riding footage. It’s 24 minutes long, so sit back and dig into it.
R.I.P Johnny Chop

LA Roadster Show 2007 Bike Pics

Billdozer has posted a nice photo sampler of some of the bikes at the 2007 LA Roadster show on flickr. A great bunch of pics of some cherry scoot. Check them out here: 2007 LA Roadster Motorcycle Pics.

Call for Submissions

Got a bike you’ve built that you’d like to see featured on this site? Maybe a some tech tips or a tutorial you’ve written (or could write) that you’d like to share with folks? Maybe you just have some pics you took at an event/shop tour or motorcycle related news or a cool web page […]

How To Make A Custom Hand Tooled Leather Seat

Adam Croft from Last Ride Leather ( out of Bloomington, Illinois checks in with a great article about how to make a hand tooled leather seat.  You’re definitely going to want to check this out. I’ll let Adam take over from here.

For anyone who has wonder how a hand-tooled leather seat is made, I am […]

Dice Magazine Issue 12

Dig it, the new Dice is out and sporting a swank cover by Keith Weesner. You can bet that I’ll have a few of these to sell in the webstore soon. Other good news is that DIce is going bi-monthly which means 6 issues a year (instead of 4). Those limey bastards are going to […]

Vintage Dirt Track Racer Cigarette Cards

Check out the new gallery I posted for vintage motorcycle pics. I’ll be trying to update this on a regular basis as, so if you have any old motorcycle pics (pre-1960) send them on in (email to
To kick off the gallery, I’ve got 50 pics of some vintage cigarette trading cards of Dirt Track […]

Knucklebuster Site Redesign Goes Live!

Well it’s here, the website redesign has FINALLY gone live. It’s been a long ride, but I’m happy to say it’s finally done - well mostly. There are still a few tweaks I’m sure I’m going to have to make. If you happen to find something that doesn’t work quite right, please drop me a […]

Vintage Motorcyle Hill Climb Video

Great vintage video of a classic motorcycle hill climb event

Carb Cleaning How To Video Tutorial

Just a quick link for you guys before I get back to working on the new website (which will be going live this weekend). Here’s a great “how to” video about carb cleaning. Video is kind of small, but it’s a great basic walk through and real easy to follow. Check it out by clicking […]

Custom Frame Sale

Our pal Dave at Tanks by Tigman is running a sale on custom fabricated frames through January and February. $75 of his already super reasonable prices, which makes this a killer deal. Dave does some seriously high quality work, and is actually working on a custom frame for me right now - which is my […]

70’s Chopper Goodness

When a lot of folks think of the 70s they probably think of disco and leisure suits. I prefer to think of The Ramones, The Clash and 70s style choppers.  Dig into this page I came across full of choppers from the 1970’s (I believe they were sniped from some old mags). Lots of wild […]

Burt Monroe and Indian Motorcycles

I got turned onto this great page about Burt Monroe by Dan on the Jockey Journal. For those of you only versed in Burt Monroe via the movie “The Worlds Fastest Indian” this page will give you a ton more info about his well deserved legendary status. Check it out here: Burt Monroe
Also Check out […]

The Pig Seat: D.I.Y Air Ride Seat for Your Chopper

Our friend Ed wrote up this great tutorial about the home brew air ride seat he created for his rigid chopper. Read it all behind the cut.

The Pig SeatAn inexpensive way to create some seat travel.
My first rigid bike did not have a typical seat. It was basically a flat metal pan on top of […]

Evo Bar Hopper

Our pal Cro from Cro Customs just finished up this cherry Evo based bar hopper and I’m digging it. Nice and simple, real clean and bad ass all around. See ‘em all behind the cut


Sick Chopper Illustrations

Japanese illustrator Yoshihito Tomobe does some absolutely sick motorcycle themed artwork. Those of you who have read through issues of Vibes magazine might already notice his work. For those of you who haven’t been able to get your grubby hands onto an issue of that rag (since it’s kind of hard to come by here […]

El Diablo Run 2006 Teaser Video

Cool stuff, although the music needs to go. For more info on the video: