Amazing Hot Rod Video

This is absolutely one of the best videos I’ve ever come across on YouTube (thanks Chris). Yes, it’s about Hot Rods, and yes I love hot rods, but what really makes it amazing is the commentary by Eric Darby. The words he puts forth are geared towards the Hot Rod scene but they could easily be applied to the current garage built motorcycle scene, the scene that this site is all about and the scene that really gets me excited. The commentary gives me chills because it’s so spot on; I feel I’ve heard myself say similar things a number of times when talking about what I love about motorcycles, what this site is all about and what I hate about the as seen on TV, bazillion dollar industry/scene that’s more about money than passion. I’ve featured a number of videos on this site that I’ve told you are worth your time to watch, but this one goes beyond that - you NEED to see and hear this as it will leave you with the same sense of pride, enthusiasm and inspiration that it left me with.

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