Don’t Need No Fancy Tools


I dig this on so many levels that it’s hard to pick one to focus on. The seat pan you see was fabbed up by White Trash over on chopperfix. Not only was this his first attempt at shaping metal, but he did it using ball peen hammer… in the mud. That’s right, the mud. No fancy panel beater bags, mallets, hammers, dollies or forming heads. Just a ball peen hammer, some dirt and water - and here’s the thing - it looks great! I love this kind of ingenuity; just figuring out how to do things with what you have. And talk about setting yourself up for a story when you’re old and gray… “In my day we didn’t have no fancy tools like English wheels and planishing hammers, hell we didn’t even have panel beater bags. No sir, we were lucky to have an old ball peen hammer and some mud! That’s how we did it, and dammit we liked it!”

Here’s the original post on chopperfix: D.I.Y Seat Pan

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