Club Chopper: Chopper of the Year Poll


Club Chopper is running a “Chopper of the Year” poll on their site right now, which is the culmination of their chopper of the month award. A bunch of great looking bikes in the running, including a number I’ve featured on this site. It’s a tough choice - My favorite 4 bikes of the bunch: UK Chop’s October bike, the House of Pain July bike, the Mutant Buell May bike and of course Brewdude’s September bike. In the end I had my choice down to Brewdude and the Mutant Buell, and I went with Brewdude’s Flatout Flatty. I’ve loved the look of that bike since I first saw it - its combination of old/new plus its refined look coupled with raw power just won me over. Congratulations to all who’ve made it in the running for the best of the year award. I’ll be curious to see who actually wins the whole shebang.

You can check out the thread here and if you’re a member, you can vote: Club Chopper

The Mutant Buell

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  1. garrett Patton says:

    what’s the tech on the frame? Also what make and model is the tins?

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