Knucklebuster Version 2.0


I’ve been steadily working on the new version of the knucklebuster site and I’m happy to say it’s getting real close to being done. Obviously with the holidays coming up the amount of time I’ll be able to dedicate towards finishing the programming will be limited, but look for a release date of mid January for it to go live. The new site is bitchin’ - a huge improvement over the current site. Tons of new content and a lot more flexibility for me to update things and add new stuff in the future. The webstore is almost complete as well, just have to finish programming some of the automated shipping details and it should be ready to go. That will probably launch at the same time as the new site does. Chris and I also have a couple of new projects in the works for the new year, along with finishing up his BSA and really getting grease deep into my Suzuki Savage chopper. More news to come.

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