El Bolido Revisted


Last week I posted about the “El Bolido” bike that Bradley built. By all accounts the bike is a work of art, and I had a couple of folks email me telling me how much they liked it. Chris (vha27) has seen the bike in person and confirms all of that and even sent me some links to a bunch of pics he took of all the small details that really make this one bitcin’ motorSickle. Check out the pics he has on his photoucket pages of the bike (as well as some other great pics).





Here are just a couple of samples. Over 50 more pics of the El Bolido in the links.

DSC00795 DSC00797

2 Responses to “El Bolido Revisted”

  1. russell ross says:

    My name is Russell Ross, Im sure you have seen my name on the right side of the oil tank. Brad Ellis had it ingraved for me Back when I built this Bike for him in 2006. Its too late now but I just did some research on this scoot today trying to find out who owns it, had no luck in that part but ran across this site. I just wanted to clarify somthings: I spenty over a year building this scoot while working full time. Although Brad Ellis occasionally stopped by with parts and tried to help me on assembley and mock-up He did not build this bike. 100% of the fab work was done by me. Also when I delivered it to him in Daytona and later met him at the old school bike show At WILLY’s TROPICAL TATTOO’s Which he put a stack of HIS buisness cards on the seat of the scoot. Im not trying to be an ass. Its just bothersome to me too see one of my bikes that I worked so hard on Being advertised by some one else. Thank you - Russ

  2. Bradley Ellis says:

    Hey Russell,

    I never represented that I built this bike alone. I never talked to any the people who are talking about the bike above. In case you missed it, it was in StreetChoppermagazine. Maybe you should check out this before crying about too much.


    You got PLENTY of ink for your efforts. BTW, didn’t know you were building bikes?

    You can also hit me up at http://www.myspace.com/oldscoolbikeworks and check out the bikes I’ve built ALONE since “El Bolido”.

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