Basic Machining Principles

Forum member noodelz has just posted a lengthy article about some basic machine shop princples. If you’re a relative newb to lathes, mills and the like, take some time and school yourself…

Well here we go, in this thread I’m gonna talk about some basic machining principles. First of all the whole basis of machining is Speeds and Feeds. Speeds meaning how fast you are spinning the piece of material in a lathe, how fast you are spinning your cutting tool in a mill, or how fast you are spinning a drill when makin hole. Feeds refers to how fast you are moving your cutting tool across the material you are cutting on a lathe, mill or how fast you are moving a drill bit into a piece. Now there are formulas for getting you in the rough ballpark but as far as I’m concerned, that’s school shit and doesn’t usually ever apply to real life situations.

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