BSA Build Update



I went down to Choppahead with Chris on Saturday so he could pick up some parts for the BSA build. Walking into their shop is like junkie walking into a crackhouse with a wallet full of cash. I almost made it out of there without dropping a dime, until the last second when I saw a sweet sparkle solo seat that had to come home with me. I swear I heard it talking to me.. “take me home.. take me home..” It really is a sickness. Anyway, back to the BSA. Chris got a bunch of parts from those guys and on Sunday put some time into assembling things. I saw the bike in person on Saturday night and it looks even better than the pics. The seat that Beeza did is phenomenal. The FabKevin brake setup is totally bitchin’ Check the pics for the progress he’s made - looking real good. This coming Saturday looks like I’ll be heading out to his garage to do some filming of some welding and what not. Hopefully I’ll be able to post that video before the holidays.


Look for a new photo gallery of pics I took down at the Choppahead compound to appear later today or tomorrow.


Nardi_bsa_001 Nardi_bsa_002 Nardi_bsa_003

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