My Gal Is An Enabler

Like Bruin, I’ve been lucky enough to find the right gal. This is a great write up, especially for all of us who suffer from the sickness (you know what I’m talking about.)

My Gal Is An Enabler
By Bruin

My name is Bruin and I’m a Cycleholic. The first step is to admit I have a problem, yes I am a user and abuser of motorcycles. I crave them beyond what is financially healthy. But I’m not alone in my two wheel addiction, my gal is an enabler. In this story I’ll call her “Tucker”.

Years ago, when I was first struggling to find a healthy balance between bike and bucks, I offered to sell my ’81 FLHS to help the household finances. She said “No, you will regret it and it’ll cost more to replace it later.” The cold sweat passed and the bike is still in the garage.

Over the years my desire for something more radical grew until one day I announced I intended to chop the FLHS. Tucker talked me down with “Don’t mess with a good running bike, buy a project bike instead.” Then she promptly bought me a ’70 Triumph long bike at the Labor Day Rally. Mmmm, it was the good stuff.

That satisfied me for a short while but the taste of the 500cc Brit import only whetted my appetite for more power. Again I threatened to tweak the FLHS but Tucker stopped me. “If you want a power fix, leave the Harley alone and buy another project bike.” This time I came home with two old, out of production, ‘60s era BSAs. It was at this time I started realizing that I might be out of control.

The Beezers were sweet and satisfying, for a time. The stable was up to four now, more than any man can ride at once, and yet I still desired more. This time the look on my face was enough and Tucker signed off on my purchase of a ’82 CB 900 Honda. Its four cylinders were good, very good.

By now Tucker knew my weakness and how to control me. Just as I started enjoying the buzz of the Honda Tucker went out and scored me a ’84 Yamaha XS 650. Now my stash had grown to more than I could handle. It’s a struggle to juggle six old bikes, keeping them running, charged and lubricated dominates my time.

I was drowning in repairs and oil drips. Misery loves company and the inevitable happened. I went from user to supplier, I went out and bought Tucker her own old Honda. She was hooked the first time she used it. I smiled and told her “The first taste is free.”

With apologies to those who struggle with true addictions.

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    now thats a good woman!

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