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Eric Buell in Boston

This is for all the folks in the New England area. On Friday, January 19th Eric Buell will be giving at lecture at the Lars Anderson Museum in Brookline. The basic information is below, and you can also check out the website here: Lars Anderson Events
Chris and I are heading out to this, and I’m […]

Amazing Hot Rod Video

This is absolutely one of the best videos I’ve ever come across on YouTube (thanks Chris). Yes, it’s about Hot Rods, and yes I love hot rods, but what really makes it amazing is the commentary by Eric Darby. The words he puts forth are geared towards the Hot Rod scene but they could easily […]

Holiday Break

Ok Chaps, updates for the next week or so are going to be sporadic at best. Holiday and family obligations take precedence and then I’m taking off for a few days next week. Everything will be back in full swing after New Years and the new site should be up before the end of January. […]

Club Chopper: Chopper of the Year Poll

Club Chopper is running a “Chopper of the Year” poll on their site right now, which is the culmination of their chopper of the month award. A bunch of great looking bikes in the running, including a number I’ve featured on this site. It’s a tough choice - My favorite 4 bikes of the bunch: […]

Don’t Need No Fancy Tools

I dig this on so many levels that it’s hard to pick one to focus on. The seat pan you see was fabbed up by White Trash over on chopperfix. Not only was this his first attempt at shaping metal, but he did it using ball peen hammer… in the mud. That’s right, the mud. […]

El Bolido Revisted

Last week I posted about the “El Bolido” bike that Bradley built. By all accounts the bike is a work of art, and I had a couple of folks email me telling me how much they liked it. Chris (vha27) has seen the bike in person and confirms all of that and even sent me […]

Knucklebuster Version 2.0

I’ve been steadily working on the new version of the knucklebuster site and I’m happy to say it’s getting real close to being done. Obviously with the holidays coming up the amount of time I’ll be able to dedicate towards finishing the programming will be limited, but look for a release date of mid January […]

CFL Chopper

Here’s one built by Andy (ukchop on the board). For all you tech hounds, that’s a ‘99 Evo stuffed into a CFL frame and surrounded by all sorts of high end quality parts from West Coast Choppers, Exile Choppers, Paul Yaffe and a number of others. One of my favorite leather artists - Duane Ballaard […]

Basic Machining Principles

Forum member noodelz has just posted a lengthy article about some basic machine shop princples. If you’re a relative newb to lathes, mills and the like, take some time and school yourself…

Well here we go, in this thread I’m gonna talk about some basic machining principles. First of all the whole basis of machining is […]

Straight outa Canada

Forum member kgdb posted pics of his righteous triumph scoot a while back, and it’s only right that I share them with those of you who are not part of our message board (sign up and join the party broham). This cherry trumpet is filled to the brim with bad-assery. Sick lines, super clean, those […]

Couple more pics

Couple more pics from the pics I took today at Nardi’s. Click for bigger.

BSA Build Update

Went to Nardi’s today to take some pics of the BSA build since he got a bunch of parts in. These pics are done using a technique called HDR – which produces the kind of wild, supersaturated look. Check them out, I dig the look a lot. I used used a medium fish eye lens, […]

Moon Eyes Motorcycle Show Photo Galleries

I just posted 2 huge new galleries in the photos section. Over 250 photos from the Moon Eyes motorcycle show in Japan. The pics come courtesy of Chris from Biltwell, so many thanks go out to him. The pics are awesome, so many amazing bikes – the japanese have it going on no doubt. Go […]

Craig’s Evo Rigid Chopper

Craig Irish from the Chopper Builders Handbook message board sent me a couple pics of home built chopper. I’m not sure if this is his first build or not, but any way you cut it the bike is bitchin’ Following the articles on CBH he built this slick puppy from the ground up, frame and all. […]

Home Made Planishing Hammer

Check this out, I came across this earlier today while going through my emails: Harbor Freight is selling a pneumatic planishing hammer for $120 ($30 off regular price). I don’t know much about it, but seems like a decent deal. I wish I had the room for one.. one of these days….
Here is the link: […]

Choppahead Shop Tour

The new Choppahead Shop tour gallery is live and ready to go in the photos section.
Here’s a direct link: Choppahead Shop Tour

Moon Eyes Custom Motorcycle Show Japan

The guys over at Sp@retime have posted a bunch of pictures from the Moon Eyes Custom Motorcycle and Hot Rod Show on their site. As usual, the pics are great and the bikes are spectacular. This is one of those events I would kill to go to. Here are a couple samples from the photo […]

BSA Build Update

I went down to Choppahead with Chris on Saturday so he could pick up some parts for the BSA build. Walking into their shop is like junkie walking into a crackhouse with a wallet full of cash. I almost made it out of there without dropping a dime, until the last second when I saw […]

My Gal Is An Enabler

Like Bruin, I’ve been lucky enough to find the right gal. This is a great write up, especially for all of us who suffer from the sickness (you know what I’m talking about.)
My Gal Is An EnablerBy Bruin
My name is Bruin and I’m a Cycleholic. The first step is to admit I have a problem, […]

New BBO Bikes

Check out these picks provided by Donny Chop of yet to be televised Biker Build Off Bikes. TV builds are a bit far removed from what I usually post here, but the style of these bikes is definitely off the beaten path for BBO. Check out the wild chop from Chica – talk about a […]