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Tech Docs

I just wanted to point something out that just came to my attention. Unknowingly, I posted some PDFs in the Tech section that contained copyrighted material from The Choppers Handbook. I 100% assure you that I did not know that the materials came from that site, and that if I had known I would have […]

Bikes that should not be

Here is a new front page topic for you: “Bikes That Should Not Be“. Let’s start off with this big ole bundle of joy shall we? Apparently somewhere under the big pile of retarded (yes I typed that right) is a motorcycle. I like Slayer and all, but this is taking your Kerry King/Black Metal […]

Scooter’s 1960 Trump Pre-Unit Chop

Our pal Scooter has built one absolutely cherry Triumph Chopper. Check this bad boy out: Complete motor rebuild from Wes at Four Aces, Custom high pipes, moon eyes oil tank, remote oil filter, DNA Springer front end, 21” Front, 16” rear, chica ribbed fender, Z-Bars, Metalflake solo seat… the list goes on. Unfortunately Scooter has […]

New Website Design

  (new front page and webstore designs, click for bigger)
So what’s the deal with the new Knucklebuster site?This post might get heavy on the webnerd jargon at times, so I’ll cut to the chase quick and let those of you really interested continue reading… the deal is, it’s in the works and things are finally coming […]

Ed’s First Rebuild

I’m not sure why I haven’t featured this bike before - it’s long overdue. Ed overhauled his scoot after he low-sided last year. Over the winter and spring he rebuilt the bike from the bottom up: new atlas frame, tank, bars, controls, chain conversion, fender, etc. Take a close look at the seat setup; yup […]

Tech Section Updated

Three new documents have been added to the tech section. I just posted pdf files of: Yamaha XS650 Wiring Diagrams (chopper orientated), Honda Chopper Wiring Diagrams, and Frame Jig artical/tutorial.  Go download them in the Tech Section.

New Gallery: Easyrider Motorcycle Show

Another gallery has been posted, once again thanks to our friend Attila. This time around we’ve got pics from the Easyrider Invitational Motorcycle Show. Not exactly sure when this show was, but there’s a lot of cool pics to check out. They’re not all winners for sure, but definitely some really cool bikes, especially the […]

Earl’s Bikes

I don’t know Earl personally, but if his website is any indication, he is my type of guy. Check out all the incredible Brits in his Bikes gallery, he makes some pretty nice parts as well, but the best part of his site was the Quicktime VR pics of his shop. Man ‘O man, that […]

New Gallery: Rooke Customs

First new gallery of the day comes courtesy of our friend Attila. He took a bunch of pics at Jesse Rooke’s shop a while back – now they’re posted here for your enjoyment. Jesse’s celebrity has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year, and while his bikes are well out of my personal […]

Massive Updates Today

Back to our regularly scheduled program folks. I know I haven’t posted much in the past few days, but get ready for a tidal wave today. I predict this will be the single biggest one day update in the history of this site. This front page will be buzzing today - especially after 6pm, so […]

Duane Ballard Custom Leather

I’ve seen Duane Ballard’s previous seats, and have always been impressed with his leatherwork. However, the seat he posted yesterday takes things to a whole new level. At a quick glance, it just looks like a well done, hand tooled seat. But then you start staring at it, seeing all the detail and intricacies, the […]

My Birthday and Veterans Day

So apparently tomorrow is a big day for me… turning the big 3-0. Funny though, except for my damn knees (and the mortgage payments, those hurt), I still feel like I’m 16.
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday,it means a lot to me and is much appreciated
More […]

Burn Out Contest

This is one serious burn out contest. Lots of smoke and lots of poppin’

Ed Roth’s Choppers Magazine

Our pal Sumo just posted the first 6 issues of Ed Roth’s Chopper Magazine on his site in PDF format. Great stuff here, go grab youself some reading material:

S&S Chopper

This chop is mint – simple, stripped down and just damn pretty. Belongs to Sarge from The Horse board. Unfortunately he’s hit a bit of a rough spot and is forced to sell her off. She’s not even properly broken in yet – just 400 miles on her.  He’s wants to get $18,000, which I […]

Sick Custom Paint: French Kiss Kustoms

Last night I caught this post on the Horse board from French Kiss Kustoms (aka Bob and Brian) showing the paint job above. I was, and still am completely blown away by their work. There are a lot of great painters out there, but these guys easily rank in my top three. Their […]

Cory’s Motorsickle

Check out the ‘sickle that Cory built. Tight and clean and the paint job really sets it off and gives it that extra touch. One bitchin’ ride. 

Cool Breaker Show 2006

Sometimes I think the amount of reverence thrown towards the chops coming out of Japanmight be a little over the top – I see folks acting like every bike they build is a shiny nugget of gold. Not for nothing, but we got plenty of guys on our own soil making amazing chops too. So […]

Madison Village Kustom Car Show

Our friend Eric sent us this video link from the Madison Village Kustom Kulture Car Show. Obviously this site is all about motorSickles, but I dig sweet hot rods, rad rods, etc… a whole bunch, and I bet a lot of you guys do as well. If you’ve got 7 minutes to spare, check out […]

Biker Build Off Spoof

This is pretty funny - I’ve never seen this Mind of Mencia show, but this spoof of Biker Build Off made me laugh.