Another Home Built Jap Chop


Yeah, the pics are on the crappy side, but you get the idea and I dig this scoot, especially the swing arm setup. Here’s what owner Bobby Fields had to say about it:

It has a Santee frame and what I belive to be a AEE springer.I bought the motor out of a boneyard,I was told it has a 836 kit but I can’t swear it.My buddy and I built it in the front yard.I am proud of the double clutch rig and the Jocky shift.I wanted it to look like the bikes of the 70’s and my mispent youth.I think I got kinda close.I know it ain’t no show winner but it runs real good and is plenty quick.I also know I like it.I still work on it every chance I get trying to make it better,but I want to improve what I have not add stuff..

Ps my pictures are kinda crappy cause my camera is crappy.I can’t buy a new camera cause I spend all my spare money on motorcycles.Hell I spend money on motorcycles that is not spare.HaHa!

Bf_002 Bf_003 Bf_004 Bf_005

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  1. chris says:

    cool bike. you underestimate it. I think its a winner.

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