Chicks Dig Knucklebuster!

Kb4On the last batch of Knucklebuster shirts that I ran, I had the printer run me off a couple on baby doll shirts so that I could give a shirt to my wife as well as some ladies who are down with the K.B. Miss Shelley from Zombie Kitten is one of those lovely women who got a shirt and today she sent me some fantastic photos of herself wearing it.  I’m so psyched on these photos, Shelley looks awesome and both Darkman (the Photographer) and Marissa (Make Up Artist) did a great job. I have a couple more of these photos that I’m going to post in a brand new gallery section which will probably go up over the weekend. But for now, here are a few of my favorites. 


Shelley’s Site: Zombie Kitten:
Photo: Darkmans Darkroom:
MUA: Marissa Freeman:

Click the Pics for Bigger:
Kb1 Kb3 Kb5

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