My Savage Chopper Rebuild


It’s about time I post about my winter project. The pic above is of my 1987 Suzuki Savage right after Chris and I stripped it down to take to Tigman for the frame work. The basic plan is to have Tigman hardtail the frame, adding about six inches in the back, while raising the backbone a couple inches. The stripped down bar hopper look is what I’m going after. The mini apes you see on the bike are what I’m using for bars. The front end, front wheel and rear wheel are all going to remain stock. I’m going to do a chain conversion and that’s about all that is 100% as of right now.

Some ideas I got rolling around…. I got a couple tanks, but I’m not sure I’m going to use either of them, I’m thinking it will end up being a round-ish peanut/mustang tank of some sort. Probably a trailer fender on the back (cuz I got one already) although I’m thinking about possibly using a ribbed fender. Paint will come straight out of the spray can, although I’m going to try and get a little fancy with it, maybe a little metal sparkle, definitely two tone paint job. I might try to do a simplified French Kiss Kustoms rip off style paint scheme since I love what they do so much. Obviously what I’ll be able to accomplish in that arena (both because of my skill level and because I’m using spray cans) will be far removed from the sick paint they lay down, but a cheap bastard like me has to get his inspiration from some where. I’ll fab up a fake battery box to hold the electronics, solo spring seat, weld up an exhaust that will probably get covered in wrap and polish everything else up. Oh, a engine rebuild will also be in order. That’s the general idea at least, I’m sure things will change as they progress, and I’ll post about it as things move forward. This will absolutely be a low buck, low budget build, so I’ll be restrained by that a little bit, but not much. There is no reason that you can’t build a sick ass bike for short cash. That’s the deal man, stay tuned for more updates on this build.

2 Responses to “My Savage Chopper Rebuild”

  1. Mike'sTrikes says:

    This has inspired me to get a Savage 650 and do a low budget Trike build. Ridged rear with ATV axle, solo seat and drag bars, please update on your 650 build as I cant wait to see the carb mount done…

  2. Ty says:

    i have an 87 savage and i am also going to rebuild mine during the winter, good luck to you, as i hope i will have some :P

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