DBBP Update and New Cadbike


Mark over at DBBP posted a new updated on his site today with lots of new juice, including a bunch of new pics from the Big Twin Bike Show in the Netherlands (make sure you check out the other pics he postes last week as well: link). Also included is an update to Cadbike #37 (pictured above) which is a sweet little number. The was my first time seeing that particular bike and I’m digging it a bunch, can’t wait to see where he takes it. Here’s some basic info about it taken from DBBP:

“Doncella Delgado” means slender girl, which is the opposite of a “Fat Boy”, so that should give you a clue where this is going…. For starters I used a 4-speed swingarm frame that I narrowed 1.5 inches between the lower rails and under the seat. I moved the front of the seat back a little and raised the neck a little bit I used narrow forks, an old style round swingarm and Avon rubber front and rear. The powerplant is a Shovelhead lower end mated to Ronnie Breuers “Superpan” heads.

Go check out more pics at www.dbbp.com

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  1. Richie hogg says:

    Hey mate! First up I love cad 33!!!, I just got a r 60/6, and Im gona bobb it ( hard. Tail) but I’m struggling with the drive shaft tube , especially the wheel end , how did you do it? Chears Richie

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