JCF: A Tale of 2 Bikes


can.wrench checks in with a great story about two bikes….

The red and black is mine. 1979 Suzuki GS1000: Dyna coils + ignition, fork brace, struts, drilled discs, custom pipe, clubman bars (yes I like them), camshaft pegs (borrowed that idea). Seat is an old LaPera for a Sporty (swap meet $20.00) And much more! 90 hrs and about $700.00. I traded labor for the bike and many used parts, made some, bought the rest. Paint is rattle can by me.

The flame-job belongs to my very good friend Allwyn Long who is a 55 yr. old man who originally hails from Burma. A very good man who gives much to others. Last winter he became very ill. Receiving 2 liver transplants and losing 20% of his right lung to cancer. Doesn’t smoke or drink either! All he’s ever wanted was a chopper since he was in Burma. Last summer he bought this 1982 Kawasaki 1000 LTD. We put the AME fork kit on last fall before he got sick. I kidnapped his bike this spring and enlisting some mutual riding buds gave him his dream. Kris and I prepped the tins. Ben painted. Aurel did the flames, Don did the seat, Lindy and Mary-Anne donated the rear fender, taillight and signals. I did everything else. All parts and labor were donated! Shows what our community can do.

CW_001 CW_004 
CW_003 CW_005 CW_006

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