JCF #6: Nick Steffan’s Home Brew Chopper


O.K. so this is defintiely the last one for the day (weekend) as I’m off for a little trip in a few hours. This is definitely one of my favorites today. Great looking bike. Here’s what Nick had to say about his scoot…

It was my first build and I did about all the work myself. I got the frame from World Class welding. I made all the mounts did all the welding. Made the battery box, sissy bar, seat. ect. You can tell all the stuff I made! lol. I did all the mechanical stuff and wiring… even painted it. Turned out pretty good for my first paint job. I think it turned out killer and I got it done cheap. That helped since im poor!

Looks great and didn’t cost - I like that in a bike. O.K Folks… enjoy all the pics I posted today, thanks to everyone who sent in their bikes. See ya’ll next week! -

Another pic of Nick’s bike, click for bigger.

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