JCF #5: Hellbilly’s 1974 CB750 Chopper


This post might be the last one for a little bit. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a couple more before I leave for the weekend. But if not you’ve got plenty of great bikes to check out, and this is another one. I’ll let Hellbilly tell you about it.

Here’s some shots of my chop. 1974 Honda CB750. I’m almost done with the year long rebuild. Ditched the modified stock frame that I ran for about 2 years. Got a CycleOne frame, and started the rebuild. All major machining and welding was done at my friends shop in L.A. since I line in an apt and have no room to work. So for around 4 months or so I would load all my stuff in the back of my SUV and haul it from San Diego to L.A. for a weekend of chopping. Through the course of many late night PBR induced brain storming sessions we decided that the chop needed to have a hand shifter, but with the traffic and all here in Cali wanted to keep it a hand clutch. So we made it a right hand shift with a left hand clutch in the stock location. For the shifter linkage we went with an industrial push/pull linkage cable. That one thing gets the most looks. Well that and the modified Harley kicker with bicycle pedal I just finished up and installed. The springer is an old P&P solid leg springer that ways a ton. Tanks is a eBay WCC knock off, rear fender was a nice uncut original brit fender, so naturally it was cut short to make 2 fenders, one for me and one for a friend, then re-radiused it to fit the 16″ tire. Sissy bar, forwards, shifter and all mounts were done by me and my friends Pete and Matt. Seat pan by me with some metal from LOWES and a hammer, pliers and a 3″ pipe. Used a phone book as a shot bag to beat the contour into the seat pan on. Well that’s about all I want to get in to now, this is getting long. Bike is currently torn down for paint, Black of course.

I wish I had more pics of this bike cuz is sounds like there is a lot of sweet home brew engineering going on there, especially in the clutch/shifter setup. The phone book shot bag is brilliant, I gotta try that out - the real deal bags are not the cheapest things in the world.

Hb_002 Hb_003

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  1. donald branscom says:

    I like the bike.
    You can make a better seat that is more comfortable than those “potato chip”

    Go to Club chopper .com and see my story on how to make a better seat.
    IT is NOT what you expect.

  2. donald branscom says:

    This is the link to my ultimate seat that is spring mounted.
    It is the most comfortable seat for a rigid. I built many seats to et to this design.

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