JCF #1: Israel’s KZ900 Chopper


Ok, so lets get this whole Jap Chop Friday started shall we… First up is Israel’s 1977 KZ900 Chopper. Here’s what Israel has to say about his scoot:

Everything except the engine carriage is hand made, (including the hardtail) or from a different bike and made to work. Anyone who’s done this, knows that the shit don’t just FIT! I’ve got stuff from other Kawasaki’s and jap models, Harleys, bicycles, dirtbikes, ATVs, and antique store finds on this bike. It was inexpensive, looks tough as nails, and is fast!

I gotta totally agree with him on that last sentence for sure, looks bad ass, I love the stance of it and looks tough as fuck when it’s being ridden.

Scan0001 Scan0002

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