Helmet painting with spray paint


Real quick, this is a project I worked on a couple weekends ago. I got a couple of old helmets about a month ago and one of them was in pretty bad shape, inside was all torn up, so I decided to use it as practice for some spray paint bombing. Above is a close up of the final finish of the first color (click for bigger), I used duplicolor silver sparkle - below are some before pictures and another after shot. Came out pretty good, I’m happy with it, especially for a first attempt - no runs or drips. I still got a second accent color to go, plus some pin striping, then a clear coat. I’ll post pics as things progress.

Quick run down of what I did. Degreased the helmet with some total prep degreaser, sanded it just to skuff up the finish a bit, washed the helmet, hit it with some primer (3 coats), went over the primer with some steel wool, then painted it (I lost count of the coats after 7, I basically used a whole can just to see how deep I could get the finish.)

Click for bigger
Prepaint-01 Prepaint-02 Painted_01

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