BIBS Panhead Chopper


BIBS over on ChopperWeb got in touch with me yesterday and asked if I would be interested in featuring his bike “Cherry Girl” on Knucklebuster. After taking a look at the feature profile on his bike over on the ChopperWeb site (view here) it was an absolute no brainer. Bikes like this are what Knucklebuster is all about. It’s not necessarily about the look per say, although the stripped down, straightforward look wrapped around that beautiful Panhead motor is definitely a personal favorite of mine. It’s more about the story, history and voyage of this bike… it’s about a guy and his wrench making it happen. That’s the type of bike that Knucklebuster is all about, BIB’s scoot definitely has that and I’m psyched to feature his bike and others like it on this site. BIBS did a great job on this bike: clean lines, great stance and just an all around classic look to it; I’d be riding the piss out of it every chance I got. To read more about his scoot, go check out the feature on ChopperWeb.

Click on the pics below to take a closer look.
0611a 0611b 0611c 0611d 0611e

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