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Nicke’s Knuckle

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Knuckleheads? Maybe once or twice right? Nicke over in Sweden is building this bad ass Knuck that I just had to share with you guys. So many cool details on this sweet betty, I bet you’re already peepin’ those bars. Totally different, but I dig em a […]

%$&!#@!!! Webhosting

I apologize for all the downtime today and the general lag and slow response from the site. My web host (mediatemple) is having some “issues”, which I’m not to happy about, as it’s been an ongoing thing for the past month or so. Not much I can do about it right now and it’s too […]

Another Home Built Jap Chop

Yeah, the pics are on the crappy side, but you get the idea and I dig this scoot, especially the swing arm setup. Here’s what owner Bobby Fields had to say about it:

It has a Santee frame and what I belive to be a AEE springer.I bought the motor out of a boneyard,I was told […]

Choppahead DVD Teaser

Here’s a little tasty grub for you to chew on. The degenerates down at Choppahead have served up this early teaser of the new DVD they’re working on. Volume 2 of Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines. If this rough cut teaser is any indication, this second installment is going to blow away the first one. […]

BSA Build Update

Chris is making some pretty good progress on the BSA chopper - I think you’ll start to see this scoot come together real quick right after the New Year. I’ll be up to his garage as soon as he gets his next batch of parts in to help him work on this as well as […]

Mojo’s Chops

Lets start the week off with some home builds shall we? Lot’s of stuff to post today, so I’ll get right to it. Mojo from York, SC checks in with a bunch of scoots he’s built over the years.
More info and pics after the cut

Here are some of the past couple years of […]

A little taste from the next Dice

Matt from Dice just checked in with some pics that are going to be in the next issue they’re putting out - you’re seeing ‘em here first (I think). This sweet lil Honda belongs to Marky Idzardi - and that’s about all I know about it - aside from the fact that it’s a bitchin’ bike. […]

Chicks Dig Knucklebuster!

On the last batch of Knucklebuster shirts that I ran, I had the printer run me off a couple on baby doll shirts so that I could give a shirt to my wife as well as some ladies who are down with the K.B. Miss Shelley from Zombie Kitten is one of those lovely women […]

Crazy 3 Wheel Car/Bike

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe
This thing is nutty and looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

DBBP Update and New Cadbike

Mark over at DBBP posted a new updated on his site today with lots of new juice, including a bunch of new pics from the Big Twin Bike Show in the Netherlands (make sure you check out the other pics he postes last week as well: link). Also included is an update to Cadbike #37 […]

My Savage Chopper Rebuild

It’s about time I post about my winter project. The pic above is of my 1987 Suzuki Savage right after Chris and I stripped it down to take to Tigman for the frame work. The basic plan is to have Tigman hardtail the frame, adding about six inches in the back, while raising the backbone […]

Monday Update & The Smoke Out

Just got back to  town and was greeted with a mountain of work. Wouldn’t have it any other way. The response to Japanese Chopper Friday has been astounding. Aside from the submissions I posted on Friday, I continued to get folks sending me their cool jap chops throughout the weekend. I’ll be posting those submissions […]

JCF #6: Nick Steffan’s Home Brew Chopper

O.K. so this is defintiely the last one for the day (weekend) as I’m off for a little trip in a few hours. This is definitely one of my favorites today. Great looking bike. Here’s what Nick had to say about his scoot…

It was my first build and I did about all the work myself. […]

JCF #5: Hellbilly’s 1974 CB750 Chopper

This post might be the last one for a little bit. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a couple more before I leave for the weekend. But if not you’ve got plenty of great bikes to check out, and this is another one. I’ll let Hellbilly tell you about it.

Here’s some shots of my […]

JCF: 1978 Honda CB750 Honda Chopper

Alan checked in with a whole boat load pics of the 1978 CB750 he built. So many cool details and the pin striping work is fantastic. The Indian Larry question mark symbol engraved on the engine cover is a real nice tough.
Here are some specs from Alan: 1978 750k Honda on a AEE frame […]

JCF: A Tale of 2 Bikes

can.wrench checks in with a great story about two bikes….

The red and black is mine. 1979 Suzuki GS1000: Dyna coils + ignition, fork brace, struts, drilled discs, custom pipe, clubman bars (yes I like them), camshaft pegs (borrowed that idea). Seat is an old LaPera for a Sporty (swap meet $20.00) And much more! 90 […]

JCF #2: Cyclepathic Choppers

Luke from Cyclepathic Choppers checked in with a bunch of different Japanese Choppers he’s built - all Grade-A stuff. I know he has a website, but it seems to be down - I’ll update this post when it’s back up. The XS650 above is absolute tits - love it, from the stance to the paint […]

JCF #1: Israel’s KZ900 Chopper

Ok, so lets get this whole Jap Chop Friday started shall we… First up is Israel’s 1977 KZ900 Chopper. Here’s what Israel has to say about his scoot:

Everything except the engine carriage is hand made, (including the hardtail) or from a different bike and made to work. Anyone who’s done this, knows that the […]

Helmet painting with spray paint

Real quick, this is a project I worked on a couple weekends ago. I got a couple of old helmets about a month ago and one of them was in pretty bad shape, inside was all torn up, so I decided to use it as practice for some spray paint bombing. Above is a close […]

BIBS Panhead Chopper

BIBS over on ChopperWeb got in touch with me yesterday and asked if I would be interested in featuring his bike “Cherry Girl” on Knucklebuster. After taking a look at the feature profile on his bike over on the ChopperWeb site (view here) it was an absolute no brainer. Bikes like this are what Knucklebuster […]