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I was talking to my buddy Jason last night and he reminded me about Chabott Engineering, the new company started by Zero Engineering founder Shinya Kimura. I had heard about Chabott, but until Jason reminded me I hadn’t searched out their website or seen any of their work. The site is nothing fancy, and there are not a ton of bikes up there, but if you’re a fan of Shinya’s style and the work he did at Zero, you’re definitely gonna wanna check it out. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about all the bike’s he’s got up there. I absolutely love the Knucklehead (which I’ve included pics of) he’s done, and I think it’s some of his best work to date. The Bantam bike is a nice twist using modern technology… I don’t dislike the other bikes he has up there, I’m just not sure I like them yet either. The bikes are undeniably Shinya, love him or hate him, he’s got his own style and he hasn’t really strayed from that too far. Go check it out for yourself:

Linky: Chabott Engineering

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  1. Fletcher says:

    Just discovered your site via JockeyJournal. Loving it so far, and your appreciation of Shinya Kimura’s work has earned it a coveted favorites bookmark. Nicely done, keep it up!

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