1985 FXWG


Bral checks in from over the pond… the Netherlands to be exact with his 1985 FXWG. Lots of cool subtle details that make this bike a winner in my book – from the pinstriping on the tank to the 1” under rear shocks to the “double barrel” swing arm (take a close look at that). I know a lot of guys are diehards about rigid frames – I’m not one of them and truly appreciate a bike that can keep its suspension and look this good. For full specs and a ton of pics, click on through…

Early type sporty tank.
Ducktail from a breakers yard between shortened stock fenderstruts.
Stock wheels powder coated and re-spoked with stainless steel.
Chinese whitewall in the back, Avon Speedmaster mk 2 in the front
Stock front brake, early PM rear caliper, stainless lines, covered in black shrink for that bowden cable look…..
Cut open primary with BDL 1,5 inch belt drive kit.
1 inch under stock rear shockers and unknown aftermarket “double barrel” swingarm from a breakers yard.
10 inch Z bar from Bitter End Old School choppers on 70’s style risers from a breakers yard…
Pipes from a swap meet and loud as hell…(WHAT !!! Oh yeah, two beers please..sorry, just got off my bike….)
Aircleaner…….from a breakers yard, powder coated black.
License plate mount is Jaguar conrod, from my garden
Cleaned up and shaved stock handlebar controls
Stock Evo engine an 4 speed tranny

The frame was never painted since it left the factory and I intend to keep it like that, for that “rat rod” or “throw together” kind of feel.
I’m mostly inspired by 60’s and 70’s Frisco chops and old traditional hotrods but I wanted a bike for daily use so with disc brakes and evo engine…

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  1. Big H says:

    Wanting to know if the original starter was used? Have a 1985 FXWG, new 99 Evo engine, but have a 1992 springer on her, wanting to go dry primary with the same belt setup you have. The clutch shell is different along with the clutch an hub. Already know I’ll have to use the 3 or 5 stud clutch like the shovels use. Will the stock starter from the FXWG work, or did that have to be changed to earlier style? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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