The Lucite Lightning


Bryan checked in with me a couple days ago with some pics and extensive build details about his sweet ‘70 BSA Lightning. Man, this thing is pure sugar – to hear what Bryan has to say about it and see some more pics, click read more…

My First bike…. I bought a 1970 650 Lightning that was an original 70’s chop full with molded rigid frame, peanut tank, 16″ over springer, and seat that went from the tank over the rear fender and up along the sissy bar 3 ft in the air from some tweaker in the high desert (needed money for PCP). When the bike came home I took the hubs (including rear drum), front end, engine, pipes, clutch handle, throttle, and piled up everything else.  Had a frame custom built to my specs by a fuckin idiot named Casey Tallon at Tallon Kustom- I would advise no one to deal with him.  The majority of this bike build was fixing his mistakes.  Anyways, the frame is 2″ up, 2″ out, 6″ out back with a 34deg rake.  Took the front end and frame, after my reconstruction, to Dr. John in Anaheim.  Had him cut 14″ off the front end and straighten the frame. From there I had “Dirty” Dan Nahl rebuild the engine and help with all the fabbing and constructing.  There is a lot of detail in this bike that was custom built.  Check the motor mounts, rocker arms, brake system (cable pulled by craftsman wrench), tail light bracket (lucite), chain tensioner (skate wheel pressured by spring - turn the Lucite knob for strength), oil bag mount (lucite - oil tank held by leather belt), seat brace, fender stays, battery tray, coil mount, forward controls, and tank mounts.  The wheels were done by Dennis Voll who used to work at Buchanan’s.  Seat redone by Costa Mesa Auto Upholstery.  Tank found on Ebay the way it is.  Got Aluminum fender from Bossley Cycle at Long Beach swap meet and then painted to match tank by Bones in Huntington Beach - amazing job.  Got bars at aftermarket source along with headlight.  Picked up the tail light assembly at Kragen - trailer light.  Grips are super sixties.  The pipes were done by Dustin Hinniker of the Sinners.  I found convoluted tubing and Dustin took the original pipes, cut em, and welded together what you see now - rolls of nickels up and down them!  The foot pegs were built by Kutty Noteboom from the Sinners as well.  He told me about his new venture on lucite pegs and built me red ones to match my red lucite pcs on the bike.  He builds them in all colors along with other cool shit, check his website; to see.  Meatball at Hell On Wheels in Anaheim helped me get the bike running solid.  This guy knows his shit like the back of his hand!  My new best friend.

The people that I’ve met along the way and the others that have helped me through this build I hope to know the rest of my life.  I’ve seen first hand what makes a real biker different.  They breathe, eat, sleep, and shit the lifestyle.  And for that I’d like to thank each and every one of them for their help and inspiration.

Phenomenal scoot – check the pics, click for bigger

Luclight_01 Luclight_02 Luclight_04 Luclight_05

Luclight_06 Luclight_07 Luclight_08 Luclight_09

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